XinWang Advantage

    First、Stable Management And R&D Team

    ★ More than 80 management and R&D teams

    ★ 51 national patents of various types

    ★ More than 18,000 square meters of self-built factory buildings and offices

    ★ 70 acres of new industrial park is under construction

    Second、The Standard Management And Operation Mechanism

    ★ Passed ISO9001:2008 international quality management system certification in 2008
    ★ Registered capital of 20 million yuan
    ★ Complete and reasonable management system
    ★ Successfully introduced ERP system in 2016, company management has entered a new level

    Third、More Than 20 Years Of Industry Experience

    ★ Mr. Luo Yonghui, Chairman of the company, entered the industry in 1993 and is engaged in technical and management work.
    ★ Founded in 1998, the company has been focusing on the development, production and sales of intelligent automation equipment such as coating machines, slitting machines and winders for 21 years.
    ★ The social security covers for research and development: packaging materials / automotive electronic materials / optical film materials
    ★ There are many types of equipment for R&D and production: 18 categories/600 varieties

    Fourth、 customer resources all over the world

    ★ More than 4,000 customers
    ★ There are customers in every town in the Pearl River Delta
    ★ All provinces except Tibet and Macao, including Taiwan and Hong Kong, have customers in every province.
    ★ Products exported to 79 countries