About Xinwang mechanical

    Dongguan xinwang packaging machinery co., ltd. was established in 1998, the company registered capital of 20 million yuan, with more than 18,000 square meters of self-built plant, office and so on. Has passed iso9001:2008 international quality management system certification, dongguan environmental protection packaging industry association vice President unit, dongguan CNC equipment industry association President unit, guangdong packaging technology association executive director unit, national high-tech enterprises.

    Xinwang mainly supplies high-performance film materials, automotive / electronic materials, packaging materials and other industrial new materials such as precision coating machines, precision intelligent slitting machines and other production equipment.Committed to the transformation and upgrading of manufacturing to low-carbon, energy-saving and efficient, and promote the green and intelligent manufacturing process! For nearly six years, the company has been working with Huazhong University of Science good research and cooperative relations, product constantly change on behalf of the upgrade, so far we have all kinds of national patents a total of 48Xiang , won the " national quality inspection of qualified customers with products " , China Top 500 Quality , Consumer Trusts Top Ten Packaging Machinery Quality Brands , China Quality Reassuring Enterprise , Quality-honoring and Credit-keeping Enterprise , Peking University Management Wisdom Group Talent Practice Base , Chinese Patriotism” advanced demonstration unit " and other honorary titles, products across 20 number of provinces and Hong Kong, Southeast Asia, India, the United States, Russia and other50Multiple countries and regions. The company is committed to international cooperation and has introduced international advanced technologies such as Japan, South Korea and Italy. Some of the products of the coating machine and slitting machine series independently researched and developed have been basically close to the international leading technology level. In 2015 , the company purchased 63acres of industrial land in Qiaotou Town , with a planned construction area of 119,800 m2 , and is committed to creating a precision intelligent equipment and high-performance film material industrial park .

    New Hope adhering to the " hard work Xing future, eternal Glory " business philosophy to " seek a breakthrough for the development of the industry, to contribute to the development of society " for the mission, " only innovation, there is hope ," as the driving force, arrested Management promotes efficiency, grasps the market to promote development, and grasps the scale to promote development. With the spirit of continuous improvement, constant thinking, and high spirit, we are actively pursuing new and greater development along the path of specialization, diversification, and grouping. Hope to be more prosperous! From victory to more brilliant! Newly-advanced research and development / production of high-performance thin-film materials, automotive / electronic materials, packaging materials and other industrial new materials, precision coating machines, precision intelligent slitting machines and supporting equipment for automated complete production lines, involving multiple related fields:

    First, high performance film material precision coating machine:

    Suitable for diffusion film, brightness enhancement film, reflective film, touch screen hard film, high performance film, PET protective film, release film, IMD/IMF , easy-to-form decorative film, ITO , TAC/PVA , OCA , high barrier film, photovoltaic Coating of high-performance film materials such as thin films, power battery separators, window films, and smart films.

    Second, automotive / electronic materials precision coating machine:

    It is widely used in the coating of PE/PET/PVC/ foam and other adhesive tapes in the fields of automobile manufacturing, digital electronics, building materials, optoelectronics, communication, printing, etc.

    Third, packaging materials high-speed energy-saving coating machine:

    Suitable for BOPP sealing tape, printing tape, color tape, stationery tape, double-sided tape, PVC electrical tape, PET/PE/PU/ silicone / acrylic protective film tape, masking tape, kraft paper tape, foam tape, aluminum foil Coating of tapes and other special adhesive tapes. Fourth, precision intelligent slitting machine, rewinding machine series:

    Applicable to all kinds of stationery / industrial adhesive tape, fax paper, cash register paper, carbon tape, self-adhesive paper, PE stretch film, kraft paper, wheat paper, white paper, aluminum foil, BOPP / PET / other materials Work. I hope that our continuous efforts and exploration will bring you more business opportunities and success!