Bank of China Enterprise Stone Branch and Dongguan Xinwang Machinery Party Branc

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July 15, 2017, Bank of China branches and sub-branches in Dongguan Qishi new look Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. to strengthen the Party branch member patriotic education, exchange of experience in party building work, the " mission, boldly forward" as the theme, the United A social networking event was held in Humen.

At 8 o'clock in the morning , all members of the two party branches held a symposium in the party room of Xinwang Company. The party branch secretaries of the two sides introduced each other's construction status of the party branch and the situation of their own party building activities in recent years. They conducted in-depth exchanges on how to improve the party spirit of party members, strengthen the work of party branch construction, and give play to the active role of party members in business operations.

Mo Runcheng, President of the Bank of China, and the Chairman of the New Hope Company, cordially talked with Luo Yonghui

Two party members introduced each other and shared experiences

All party members took a group photo at Xinwang Company

After the symposium, the visit to Humen was officially launched. After about 2 hours' drive, we arrived at the first stop of the Humen tour, the Naval War Museum. The museum is located in the Pearl River Estuary of Humen Town, facing the Nansha District of Guangzhou across the river. It is an important part of the patriotic education base in Dongguan and one of the three major anti-drug education bases in the country.

Under the guidance of the commentator, we visited the exhibition building of the museum. The exhibition building houses a lot of cultural relics such as knives, guns, guns, military uniforms, and other historical materials used in calligraphy and treaties. These rich historical materials show us the tragic and historical facts of the people of the whole country against the British aggressors. Among them, the most impressive ones are the exhibition of the Opium War Naval Battle and the half-painting of the Humen Sea Battle. The former vividly shows the contrast between the Chinese and British military forces during the Opium War and the heroic struggle of the Chinese army against the British aggressors; With a length of 56 meters and a height of 12.5 meters, the 180- degree viewing angle of realistic oil paintings is combined with realistic ground shaping, physical models and figure sculptures to create a sense of realism, sense of the scene and artistic appeal. and coordination with stereo sound, lambasted Shasheng bursts, very shocking, vividly recreates 1841 Nian 2 Yue 26 Ri tragic scene Humen naval warfare.

Group photo in front of the Naval War Museum

The Naval War Museum gave us a deep sense of the lofty nationality and strong patriotism that the Chinese military and civilians showed in the anti-aggression struggle during the Opium War. We are awe-inspiring to the bloody battlefield, the heroic and unyielding patriotic hero, and full of indignation at the Qing Dynasty, which is weak and incompetent, and humiliating and humiliating the country. The tragic history warns us that in today's social development, we must constantly enrich ourselves and contribute our own strength to the development of the country. A party branch is a bunker. A party member is a banner. As a member of the Communist Party, we must always bear in mind the historical mission, give full play to the exemplary role of party members, work diligently, obey the law, and be a qualified Communist
After the patriotic baptism of the Naval War Museum, in accordance with the itinerary, in the afternoon we visited the sea post, the gunpowder bureau and the Weiyuan Fort. Standing on the platform of the Weiyuan Fort, facing the naval battle museum, facing the majestic Humen Bridge, rolling the Pearl River, the bridge, the museum, the ancient fort and the group, the history, reality and future form a depth and handover here. This kind of landscape is unique, and this kind of anger is shocking the soul.

Big photo on the turret of the sea post

Weiyuan Fortress, which has been washed by a hundred years of wind and rain

Through the social activities of the Humen trip, the party members of the two party branches have deepened their understanding of the history of the motherland. We are indignant at the backwardness and incompetence of the Qing government, respecting the patriotic sentiments of the national heroes, and proud of China’s prosperity and strength today. As the theme of the event " bearing the mission and moving forward" , as a party member, we must adapt to the requirements of the development of the new era, correctly understand the history and reality of the motherland, enhance the patriotic sentiment and revitalize the sense of responsibility of the motherland, and establish national pride and self-confidence. Heart, sum up history, learn today, look to the future!