2016 Global High Performance Film Industry Leaders Summit was held in Shanghai

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On July 5th, the “2016 Global High-performance Industry Leaders Summit” hosted by Unima New Material Network, China Plastic Film Network and Xincai Think Tank opened at the Radisson Blu Hotel Shanghai International Exhibition.

Xinwang Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd. is honored to be one of the sponsors to attend this summit.

As a grand event in the high-performance film industry, this conference has also received sponsorships from 200 leading companies including Kangdexin, Dongcai Technology, Foshan Technology, Sinoma Technology, Lekai Film, Xinlun Technology and 200. Active participation of many industry players.

With the theme of “Building Industrial Order and Promoting Change and Innovation”, the conference brought together dozens of industry leaders, more than 200 enterprise elite representatives and well-known industry media guests, and set up window film industry, protective film industry and photoelectric film material industry. Five roundtable forums, such as the lithium-ion membrane material industry and the photovoltaic membrane material industry , jointly explored the development path of the high-performance film industry.

New hope sponsored handbag

Xinwang independent research and development, production and sales: BOPP high-speed energy-saving bar coating machine, automatic slitting machine; PET protective film, release film and diffusion film, brightness enhancement film, reflective film, hardened film, IMD/IMF, ITO , TAC/PVA, high-impedance diaphragm, photovoltaic film, power battery separator, window film, smart film and other optical polyester film products and precision coating machine for high-performance film products, precision slitting machine; industrial adhesive tape for automotive electronics Coating machine, slitting machine complete sets of equipment. Committed to the transformation and upgrading of manufacturing to low-carbon, energy-saving and efficient, and promote the green and intelligent manufacturing process!

Wang Luo Yonghui new general manager, deputy general manager Yang Zhaohua and Zhongshan crown Chang Cende Wei , general manager of intimate photo at the summit

Zhongshan Guanchang Adhesive Packaging Products Co., Ltd. (referred to as Guanchang Company) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Hong Kong Guanya Group. In the face of increasingly fierce market competition, Guanchang Company continuously introduces new technologies and professionals, and insists on “leading technology”. , quality-oriented" to develop excellent products, has now become a professional manufacturer of electronic and industrial tape.

Wang Luo Yonghui new general manager and yellow propane di Buddha Foshan Plastics Group President intimate photo

Foshan Yida Adhesive Products Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Foshan Plastic Technology Co., Ltd., is the leader of new materials such as window film, release/protective film, photoelectric film, lithium film and photovoltaic film. Foshan Plastic Technology adheres to “innovation, progress, pragmatism and excellence”. The spirit of the company is committed to the research and development of new energy, new materials, energy conservation and environmental protection industries. New polymer materials such as lithium ion battery separators, polarizing films and electrical capacitor films developed in recent years have already become popular in domestic and foreign markets. The four series of materials, electrical materials, optical materials and barrier materials are the industrial layout of the framework.

Luo Wanghui, general manager of Xinwang, and some members of the meeting intimately took a group photo

At the meeting, we can not only learn from each other and communicate with each other, but also lead the boss of new materials such as window film, release/protective film, photoelectric film, lithium battery, photovoltaic film, etc. to participate in technical exchange and industry outlook!

This is really a very good platform for industry communication and learning, worth participating!