Thoughts on BOPP Bar Coating Process

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First, the advantages and disadvantages of the double-layer machine:
1, the advantages and differences of the double-layer machine:
1, solved the problem of insufficient length of the plant (<60m);
2, flattening roller 2;
3, pulling cloth wheel 3;
4 , 52m oven;
5, pneumatic chuck;
6, cooling light roller spray Teflon;
7, blower 7.5KW;
8, a total of one working space;
9, disc type winding; 

The second, double machine Problems:
① Because the fan is low, the temperature relative to the working environment is about 5 °C, which obviously increases the labor intensity of the operator.
.The working noise is caused by the low fan setting and the accuracy of the machine. 2-fold or more;
③.since the fan is set low, the negative pressure generated by the fan during operation causes the dust to flow ground, directly into the respiratory tract and the operating crew adsorbed on the surface of the material directly affects the quality of the product;
.Energy saving is not enough, 300m/min machine speed, the highest temperature is 118°C, the whole machine power is 26KW higher;
.The speed is relatively strong , and the 300m/min machine speed has obvious characteristics of abnormal noise and work difficulty;
.Thin production Material (less than 18um There are some unfavorable factors when the film is lower than 14um dry glue;
.A working space for receiving and unwinding is too crowded; Second, the main performance characteristics of Xinwang 350M/Min high-speed energy-saving bar coating machine: 1. High speed High efficiency, high precision 1. Coating speed reaches 320m/min 2. Adhesive precision is ±1um 3. Correction accuracy is ±1mm 4. The scrap rate is less than 0.125% (about less than 10 meters per 4,000 meters)

2, high reliability, high stability using automatic film unwinding system, independent exchange winding system, intelligent online detection system, automatic tension system, automatic correction system, automatic reading and monitoring of real-time status, automatic adjustment of machine tension Synchronization enables automatic adjustment of the manipulation digitization and intelligent operation at high speed. 3, energy saving, environmental protection, beautiful appearance 1, the use of high-speed inverter fan and 8-10m / s high-speed hot air split circulation system for thermal energy recycling, energy saving and energy saving more than 40%. 2. The working noise of the machine is 90 decibels, which meets the international environmental protection requirements. 3. The whole machine adopts four colors of blue, gray, yellow and black for scientific and reasonable matching. The whole machine looks stable, atmospheric and beautiful, giving a relaxed and comfortable working space. Third, the comparison summary: double-layer coating machine can be understood as a "wrong design concept" from the perspective of professional design, but in the case of the demand for the plant is not long enough (less than 60m) in the case of helpless. The biggest problem is the relative damage to the working environment, not the improvement and improvement. It is recommended that the double coater solution be used as much as possible under the conditions of the factory. Comparison of work indicators under the same requirements

Serial number


Double layer machine

Single layer machine


Total installed power




Working energy consumption




Work efficiency




Working environment noise

( around the winder)


(≈180 decibels)


(≈90 decibels)


Comprehensive evaluation score